How it's working?

Use of Lima RENT scooters  it is extremely simple.

1. Download the app

Download the application with your phone. We operate our application in the Apple Store and Google Play.

2. Load your wallet

We support international credit cards and debit cards,

3. Find the scooter

Find a scooter nearby using the map in our Application.

4. Scan the QR code

Use the App to scan the QR-code of the LIMA scooter or enter the QR-code manually. Use the “flashlight” symbol when it’s dark.

5. Take off Racing

Start driving by accelerating the LIMA scooter by pushing yourself and pressing the GO throttle at the same time.

6. Park

To finish the ride, take a picture of a correctly parked scooter, following the outline of the scooter. After driving, confirm it in the app by confirming “END”.

First steps

1. Glare and lighting

The scooter has reflectors to be visible, but the lighting must be on at night. If not, the driver must wear reflective clothing.

2. Helmet

Children under the age of 18 may only drive the scooter with a helmet and only with parental consent.

3. Alcohol and drugs

It is forbidden to drive a scooter under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other outrageous substances.

4. Telephone

It is strictly forbidden to drive the scooter while using a mobile phone. You also cannot use headphones.

5. The scooter is for one person

Electric scooters are personal mobility vehicles intended for single-person driving.

6. Maximum speed

The scooter does not exceed a speed of 25 km / h, this is the legal maximum speed limit.

Get to know us better

We are a rapidly growing company with a young, ambitious and well-coordinated team that cares for the satisfaction and comfort of our users every day. We focus on ecology and a healthy lifestyle.

With our company, using your mobile phone, you can rent an electric scooter and soon other electric vehicles for minutes. Our goal is to make moving around cities not only fast and efficient, but above all pleasant!

Renting our scooters will allow you to navigate the city streets in an easy and pleasant way, discovering places unknown to you. With the Lima RENT scooter, you do not stand in traffic jams and pay for parking lots, and above all, you do not pollute the environment!

  • The vehicles offered by our company are ecological, have replaceable batteries thanks to the check, users do not have to wait for the scooter to be charged.

Use our Passes:

By using our Passes, you start for FREE all day long
and you get free minutes depending on the selected Membership!

5 Euro

START FOR FREE all day + 20 minutes of driving.

10 Euro

START FOR FREE all day + 20 minutes of driving.

You buy the selected package for a specified period of time. We charge additional fees, automatically, in advance in the billing periods according to the package purchased by you, until you resign from the selected service.

Details in Regulations of Lima RENT.

You load more - you get more!

If you recharge for € 15 you will get 20 limes!

5 Lime Bonus!

If you recharge for € 30, you will get 45 limes!

15 Lime Bonus!

Topping up for 50 € you will get 80 limes!

30 Lime Bonus!


Are you a resident of the Canary Islands?

You can get a 50% discount on journeys and you don’t pay to unlock the scooter!

All you have to do is complete your profile in the Lima RENT Mobile Application, attach a document confirming your residence on one of the Canary Islands and within 72 hours after verifying your profile you will be able to enjoy the discount.

We support ecological moving around the islands and focus on ecology!

Greetings to all residents and invite you to an ecological form of movement!

Do you have any questions?

we invite you to contact!


  • Please make all submissions via our Mobile Application.
  • We do not provide Customer Service by phone!

Contact form:

For applications or complaints,

In order to verify the user, please provide the “CUSTOMER ID”, this is the phone number with which the user’s account was activated in the Lima RENT Mobile Application and the NAME and SURNAME which appears in the user’s profile in the Lima RENT Mobile Application. Please be advised that your message will not be processed if the personal data is incomplete or does not match the data in the user profile of the Lima RENT Mobile Application.